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  • Filling a Hayball is so easy - simply push hay through the flexible bars. You dedice how full you want it.
  • When hung away from the wall, the Hayball is free to revolve, providing entertainment for stables horses, as well as slowing down eating.
  • Each Hayball comes with a snaphook attached to the end of the rope to make hanging easy.
  • To shorten the robe, simply look it through the Hayball before clipping onto a ring or string.

Hayball - Large

2.00 KGS
£5.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Frustrated by the traditional haynet?
Filling haynets single-handed can be frustrating and time consuming, but now help is at hand.

Light but durable, the Hayball's clever design allows hay to be pushed through the flexible bars and filled in seconds.  This is especially apealing to children!  The Hayball's suspended spinning action provides hours of amusement for the stabled horse.

The Hayball is safe and the curved bars made from flexible PVC will release under pressure.

* Quick and easy to fill * Safe * Durable * * Light * Entertaining *

SMALL (20" diameter) / MEDIUM (22" diameter) / LARGE (24" diameter)

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Hayball 01:15

Filling hay nets is time consuming and often the yard chore most disliked, especially by children. The strings can get caught up on anything and their life span can be pretty short – often breaking or wearing out in a short space of time. James Keyser Products has designed the Hay Ball to put an end to the hay net battle. This ingenious, time-saving stable product is safe, light, durable and entertaining for stabled horses. Hayballs come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

  • Hayball
    Filling hay nets is time consuming and often the yard chore mo...

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  1. Fantastic customer service!

    Posted by Shelley Williams on 27th Dec 2021

    I have had a haybar for the last 20 or so years - wanted to replace the connectors and want sure the company still made them. Looked them up, bought a replacement set of the green disk connectors and then decided to buy a second hayball for my other horse as it worked so well for the first one. The original one had two of the pipes missing as I’ve misplaced them over the years. I asked a question with my order of the second ball, whether or not I could buy spare pipes and the company kindly sent me two spare ones for free with the order of my second ball!! Absolutely fantastic service and company - the product is fab and easy to use and unlike haynets I know it’s safe! I’ll continue to keep using for the next 20 odd years to come! Well done Hayball/James Keyser Products

  2. Very safe and practical.

    Posted by TERRY WHITE on 18th Nov 2021

    Robust safe and very easily filled hope these hay balls will cut down on wastage of hay.

  3. All great so far

    Posted by Aly Bateman on 7th Dec 2017

    The assembled balls seem to be holding up well in their first week and I hope they continue to do so. I use them for Haylage as the long strands are much better suited to this sort of holder than anything with a net arrangement. I have a TraditionalCob and ID WB mares and both love their Haylage and get frustrated by nets and wreck them.

  4. SUPERB!!

    Posted by Rhian Carruthers on 28th Jun 2016

    Absolutely delighted with this. Bought in desperation for a stroppy cob who destroys haynets and digs up and poos on hay fed from the floor. He loves his hayball. It also acts as a toy, plus he likes walking underneath it so it goes over his back. Really, really delighted with it.

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